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Subway 2004-01-03

by foodbitch 2. January 2004 22:04

Contrary to my (many) previous experiences at Subway, this one was worthy of complaining. I was greeted after no less than a minute of waiting by an extremely unfriendly man who seemed interrupted from his backroom affairs. He took my order and (to compliment him) prepared my sandwich with such speed and accuracy that I could barely see his hands moving. However, when he added hot peppers, he simply dumped a spoonful onto the sandwich. After I had asked him to spread around the peppers, he looked up at me (for the first time) with an expression of amazement at my daring to question his sandwich artistry. Quickly returning his eyes to his work he picked up one pepper threw it onto the other side of the sandwich and wrapped it up. Following the mood, he performed the same toss operation when returning my change to the counter instead of to my open palm.

I find this treatment unacceptable and consequently will never return to this Subway again.

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